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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lose weight and look good for the party season

The holiday season is fast approaching. There is always a last minute rush to get the rest of the gifts, decorations and a little extra equipment he wanted both the string parts to come.

Everyone wants to look good at a party in the suit they want. With just weeks before the Games start, here are some tips to look better.

Well, I have little time and preparation for the holiday season can be stressful because there is no way to lose weight. What's in your weight or body that concern you most? Do belly fat, firm buttocks, the loss of a couple of inches from your waist, or a couple of books in general? You can not put everything in a few weeks and do not skip more than 5 sizes in 4 weeks (unless you use magic), which is a fact.

If you overload trying to accomplish too much in too little time will most likely setting yourself up to fail and become stressed. Set a goal, for example, lose a few inches from your belly and work on one thing.

As I mentioned above do not have bags of time to be realistic in your goals. Define an end goal and then divide into smaller goals for each week. Think of yourself, it is possible to reach with my circumstances? Using the above example you want to lose, for example, 3 inches from your waist and has 4 weeks to do. Then set your goals for each week, that is, trying to lose 1 pound per week, which could lead to slightly less than one inch per week.

You may have lost a week or so. Always consider your personal situation. You neighbor or coworker may have won a 6 pack in 2 weeks, but what you have your own body and your personal circumstances and what works for your neighbor may not work for you.

In general, you should not lose more than 1 to 1.5 kg per week. Despite the amount of weight that is within a healthy range of features depends on personal circumstances.However, generally speaking, if you try to lose weight too fast, you may lose muscle mass and possibly dehydration of your body.

To understand does not mean that the tactics stringent starvation diets or dangerous radicals. Means for maintaining a strict diet. Make a plan and define your goals and stick to it. Well, do not sue if they do not stick to it, but the only way to achieve results in a limited time is to be strict about what you do.

This is the common mistake that many people do. They think they do not have much time so it is best to starve. First place is not healthy. Also, if you crash diet for more than two weeks, is likely to slow down your metabolism. This in turn results in fact burns less calories and therefore lose less weight.

Overall, not recommended for people to go below 1500-1200 calories per day. The amount of calories your body needs depends on a number of things, including gender (men tend to need more calories), body size and physical activity. If you exercise, for example, your body needs more calories to fuel exercise.

Easier said than done, but watch your stress levels. The countdown to Christmas can be stressful usually spend more money you have, children detachment, the preparation of the dreaded family gatherings, buying food, remembering the Christmas cards and avoiding the long lines at almost any location . Do you feel as if the world is sitting on the shoulders? Well, then time to relax.

Stress can make you gain weight in many ways. With the tension to which we aspire sugary and fatty foods, so be careful with the desires that probably will not try to tell you that you need food, but you need to relax. There are also a number of metabolic and hormonal processes that occur in the body when we are stressed to make it easier to store fat, especially in the abdominal area.

If this does not convince people tend not to look good when they are stressed.

You can be one of the most beautiful organized the end of the preparation for Christmas in August and just relax and enjoy your time. But for the rest of us we approach Christmas, crazy days and the kitchen looks like a distant thought.

When cooking at home trying to cook more than you really need, then freeze the rest.This way you can have healthy food, home can simply take the freezer and reheat.

It is very tempting to take the takeout box on his way home when I was a crazy day.

At this time of year, there are sweets everywhere. If you work someone has to send a box of candy as a thank you for Christmas, if you go to stores that there is a kind of gentle passes sample (try our Christmas cookies, etc), your partner can do a session Test Christmas cake baking and so on.

It's hard to say no if it is right in front of you all the time and is easy to lose track of how many ate the candy especially if they are small pieces of this and that. Just make a rule about the candy and keep it. Or do not eat at all or have a daily diet of 2.3 per day. No 2 to 3 boxes of cakes or whole, but small portions.

Have two weeks of Christmas to fill in chocolate and sweets.

The story usually goes like this:

Christmas is coming and want to lose the extra weight so you can look good for the holidays or just to make room for the holiday frenzy. You spend about 3 weeks (early Christmas early, finish late) eat and drink everything and anything. Then you start in January at the gym and diet for a new you. That's it gonna do this year! You give in March can not come - June start to panic for the holiday season. So diet and exercise to get a flat stomach after a Christmas cocktail, etc, or just give you the blues until the wicked and the upper body of Baywatch. This November Christmas is coming.

Do you spend a lifetime in a circle diet plan to eat what you eat - eat what you've lost - then the power .... and so on ...

If you feel tired and confused reading to see how your body feels to do so. Do not just lose weight for a party, but a decision to have a better lifestyle, may be more active, eat healthy and keep those extra kilos. Make a plan for life and you'll look good and feel good, not just for Christmas.

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Hara Hagikalfa

Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara here, and connect with her on Facebook.

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